PowerBI Formulas



In today’s business world, you may need to manage large amounts of data, and then make sense of that data. It could be an overwhelming task. Microsoft PowerBI is a tool that helps you pull the data from many sources and make great charts out of that data.
This course will show you how to start building formulas in PowerBI / PowerQuery.

Topics include:
Starting PowerBI
Viewing the Excel Data
Importing non-formatted data from Excel
Splitting & Merging Columns
Age Calculation in PowerQuery
Basic math calculations in PowerQuery
Replacing Data in PowerQuery
Importing Formatted tables from Excel
Age Part 2
More formulas in PowerQuery
Conditional Columns in PowerQuery
Managing Relationships in PowerBI
Calculating Subtotals in PowerQuery
Table & Matrix Visuals in PowerBI
Calculated columns in PowerBI
Measures in PowerBI
Quick Measures in PowerBI