PowerBI – The Essentials

How to build Reports and Dashboards using PowerBI


In today’s busy world, we are sometimes overwhelmed with huge amounts of data, sometimes that data can come from more than one table, or even more than 1 data source. Trying to make sense of this data can be an overwhelming task.

Microsoft PowerBI will allow to use to pull in all of your data , and then make great reports and dashboards from that data.

This course will show you how to connect your data from different sources into PowerBI, start to make powerful visuals, how to format those visuals, and how to add slicers to make dynamic dashboards.

The sample files that are used in the video are included in the course as well, so you can follow right along.

Tour of the screen
Pulling in your data
Your first Visual
Using more than 1 table to make a Visual
Combo Charts
Report by month, Qtr, year
% of total
Creating your own calculation
Decomposition Visual
Pulling it all together