Access – Tables and Queries

Learn how to create and manage tables, queries and relationships in Microsoft Access



Microsoft Access is the database management system that is included with the Microsoft Office Suite or Office 365. It is a program that helps you manage a large amount of data even better than Microsoft Excel can. Many People don’t know how to use Access, and may even be afraid of it. This webinar will really show you the ins and outs of using Microsoft Access Tables and Queries.

Even though Excel gives you some great ways to handle your data, with Access you will be able to handle large amounts of data. If you handle large amounts of data, this webinar will help you tremendously.

Tour of the Access screen
Using Design view to create a table
The Lookup Wizard
Importing tables from other data sources
Linking tables to other data sources
Exporting data from Access into other data types
Creating table relationships
Database tools
Sorting and Filtering a table
Basic Queries
Prompting the user for the criteria
Calculated field queries
Totals query
Using Multiple tables in a query
Viewing the SQL code
Query wizards
Append, Make Table, Update, and Delete queries
Showing a certain number of records in a query