Excel – Creating and managing charts

How to create and manage your charts in Excel so you can visualize your data



A picture tells more than 1000 words. That’s a classic phrase, but it really is true. Many people would rather look at a chart or a graph, rather than looking at the actual data. The chart will be able to show trends and metrics much better than looking at each line of data. Excel has some great charting capabilities. The video will show you how to make and manage charts in Excel.

Topics Include:
• Creating a chart from Excel data
• Customizing a chart
• Adding Data Labels, Titles, and Trendlines
• Using a Trendline to do a projection into the future
• Formatting a chart
• Linking an Excel chart to Word, PowerPoint or Outlook
• Pie Charts
• Combo Charts
• Sparklines
• Saving a re-using a chart template