Excel – Building your First Spreadsheet

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Excel so you can build your first Spreadsheet



Microsoft Excel is the main program that people use to build spreadsheets on their computer, phone, or device. It is essential in many office jobs, and it is invaluable skill to learn.

It can be confusing and overwhelming , as there are many things that it can be used for.
This course will show you how to get started with Excel , and it will show you all of the important skills you need to build your first spreadsheet , and many spreadsheets after that.

The course topics include:

Tour of the Screen
Entering Text
Auto Fill / Speed Fill
Saving the spreadsheet
Basic formulas
Relative Formulas
Formatting the spreadsheet
Managing the Sheets
Linking the Sheets
Introduction to Functions
Absolute Formulas

There is a sample spreadsheet included with all of the finished examples, so you can use that as an excellent learning tool.